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    I did a y67 test on my male cousin hoping to learn more about my mother's male lineage. Scarcely any information came up but one man was a 67/67 marker match. I would have thought this made him a close relative. However, in doing the autosomal test, they show as a 4.9 MRCA. He had a different surname and shows no connection on his genealogy. Five generations back the two families were in fairly close proximity to each other. Any thoughts on this?

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    If they were living in close proximity, you may share an ancestor in a line other than the direct male line, as autosomal testing covers all lines. If you can eliminate the possibility of any other common ancestor in any line, which would be almost impossible to do, there was a non-paternal event in either your direct line or in your match's.

    A Y67 match, even with a GD of 0, could go back a few hundred years.


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      So, it would appear that there is not a lot of value to y testing. I suppose the MRCA of 4.9 means they are approximately 4th cousins from what I have read. How much stock can I put in that?


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        As far as Y-DNA testing goes, it depends on whether or not people who share your line have tested or not, but even then, it may not be great for finding out how closely you are related. My Italian father has zero matches at any level. My mother's cousin's test revealed an unexpected non-paternal event. He has over a dozen matches with the same surname, but it's not our surname. I managed to figure out that my mother's great-grandfather was the son of a neighbor, rather than the husband, of his mother. I did that through autosomal testing of my mother, who is the oldest living generation in that branch of the tree. I tested her at 3 different companies.


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          could be a fourth cousin once removed or even a fifth cousin.