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  • Not so consequent lines

    A woman in my myFamilyTree remarried. In the tree she is flanked on both sides by her husbands. The line connecting children from her first marriage run from a position between her and her husband.
    The line leading to the children of her second marriage come out of her.
    How do I get the line to emerge from between her and her second husband?
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    This seems to be an intermittent bug. It happened in my tree, and at least one other person's, in August. Then it seemed to correct itself (or get corrected). But I've just checked now, and the problem is back again.
    You could wait, and hope it rights itself. Or you could try submitting a request to FTDNA about it (click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of your dashboard page; then "Open a request" under the green "Support" tab. Make sure to tick the "I'm not a robot" captcha before you submit, otherwise the request won't go through. If you can't see the captcha, try reloading the page or something more drastic eg logging off and trying again later, or with a different browser (there have been problems with the captcha in some browsers).
    If you do open a request, specify the name(s) in the tree that have the misplaced line(s).