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Not getting ANY responses back after having DNA test done on my Mom

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  • Not getting ANY responses back after having DNA test done on my Mom

    Had my mother's DNA tested last April 2017 (we had the autosomal test done actually) and it doesn't seem we have a lot to go on, but then I am having a HARD time discerning this DNA test stuff. A friend told me I should have my mother's uncle tested, you know, for a male line. Can someone tell me the benefit of doing that over already having done an autosomal on my mother? Mom's uncle is the only living male relative in her family (other than her nephews).

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    Your mother's uncle is a generation further back than your mother - so yes, definitely worth doing the autosomal test on (ie FamilyFinder)

    Moreover, as long as you know whether he is on the side of your mother's father or mother, you can guess that any matches to both of them may be on that side - so an added plus. With Chromosome Browser available to look and see if the matches seem to be in the same location, etc. that makes it even better.


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      We get roughly half of our autosomal DNA from each parent. So having the oldest relatives take the autosomal DNA gives you more data to work with and more potential to find more distant cousins. Siblings share around half autosomal DNA as they get different DNA from the parents. So your mom has half the autosomal DNA of the parent who is the uncle's sibling. The uncle will have some DNA your mom did not inherit.

      When your friend mentions the male line, they might mean having your mother's uncle take a Y-DNA test. This is different from autosomal DNA. Y-DNA is passed down from father to son similar to how surnames can be passed down. Y-DNA does not recombine like the autosomal DNA and it stays mostly the same after many generations with small changes along the way.

      This makes Y-DNA useful for tracking lineages. The autosomal DNA tests are the more popular ones so it is possible that if your great uncle takes a Y-DNA test, he could have no matches or maybe just a few distant ones. It varies lineage to lineage.

      I'll give you 3 kits I manage as an example. With my own Y-DNA test, I have no matches at any level. With an uncle's (mother's brother), I have around 50+. About half share the same surname. With a different uncle from my grandmother's mother's side, I have nearly 300+ matches. None share his surname.

      Just know that the sale is a great time to order new tests if you do indeed want to order something.


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        You can go more generations back with your Uncle's DNA test. It's a missed opportunity to not use the oldest male relative. My Uncle let me do his, he's 90 years old and the last surviving male relative on my Mother's side. It's priceless information because when he's gone there's no second chance as he was the only one that held that type of information (farthest back.) His DNA can't be replaced with my brother or cousins or anyone else because their DNA is not his DNA, they just have part of his DNA. It's just not the same. Farther down the generations it just gets diluted with other DNA and yes it does make it hard to tell which is which. I did the Family Finder and the two mtDNA tests and the Y-67. I didn't do the Y-111 yet but I think I can upgrade later with his DNA already in their possession. It can be expensive so just do what you can.


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          If this uncle of your mother's is the brother of her father, then he and your mother's father - your maternal grandfather (and his father and father's father and etc) - probably have the same Y-DNA - as does each of their direct male descendants.

          If he is a brother of your mother's mother - then he and your mother's maternal grandfather - one of your great-grandfathers - probably have the same Y-DNA.

          Y-DNA only looks at the straight paternal progression, whereas FamilyFinder looks at all branches. On the other hand, FamilyFinder can only provide information back about 6 generations, whereas Y-DNA can go back much further.

          Do note, however -- 6 generations back from your mother's uncle is 7 generations back from your mother and 8 generations back from you.

          My strong recommendation is to first have your uncle do the FamilyFinder Test - with, if possible, have him provide his written permission to you to add Y-DNA testing later (so even if they get fussy about that, you can do it), then see what those results tell you in conjunction with your mother's results, and read up on Y-DNA Testing so you can make an informed decision as to which level or type of Y-DNA test or tests, if any, to order, next time they go on sale (no additional DNA sample should be needed - def. add as "Upgrade" from same kit).
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