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Gedmatch might have solved a mystery

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  • Gedmatch might have solved a mystery

    My paternal great grandfather Hamdollah Zanjani (born Ashgabat Turkmenistan c. 1880) has been a real mystery in terms of his origins. Using Gedmatch (Lazarus utility) I created a kit from my father and his paternal cousins that have tested (they share Hamdollah and his wife as ancestors) of only their matching segments. When I did an admixture of this kit things really became clearer! Hamdollah's wife Nardaneh was Georgian/Armenian and born in Azerbaijan. The admixture results clearly show that 40-50% the rest (which would roughly be all Hamdollah) appears to be Roma (Gypsy). It is no wonder my paternal older cousins are so closed mouthed on the subject of Hamdollah's origins. (I have attached the oracle admixture for this lazarus kit) and also a photo of Hamdollah and Nardaneh c. 1940
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    Another substantiating clue (looking back) was that my strongest Y DNA matches were (at low levels, I have no Y matches past 12 markers, despite having taken 111 M, Big Y etc) to Bulgaria, which is spot on for Roma.