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Question about Jewish matches in Non-Jewish Person

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  • Question about Jewish matches in Non-Jewish Person

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, and I'm hoping I can get some insight on a curiosity I have.

    I recently got my DNA test and uploaded the data to GEDMatch. I have a question regarding some of my matches on the 'one-to-many' matches option. Actually, it seems most my matches displayed are not very close - my closest match is with the "largest segment" is only at 29 cM. However, one thing that caught my eye was that I noticed there were a few matches with people who appeared to be Ashkenazi Jewish. For my background, my ancestors are from throughout central Europe. I am not aware of any Jewish ancestors.

    I'm not entirely sure how many matches I have but I estimate from what I see to be around 15-20 (out of the 2000 matches displayed). The largest shared segment I appear to have with one of these matches is at 11.2 cM, the rest are in the range of 8-11 I believe. I don't really know anything about how shared DNA works so I don't know if this amount is significant or not. The Jewish matches I have all seem to be related to each other at varying distances.

    So my question is, do these Jewish matches indicate that I have Jewish ancestry? Or could it be that we share a distant non-Jewish ancestor that converted? I'm really inexperienced when it comes to these kinds of things so I would be greatly appreciative for any help or insight I can get!

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    Double Post

    Hmmm... I tried posting this message about 5 days ago and it never went through, so I thought it got lost in cyberspace. Now, when I went to recreate the post in another topic,(see here ) this one shows up. Appears to have been a really bad glitch, I apologize for the double post, please disregard this one!


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      I have responded in your newer thread.

      Mr. W