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Not matching maternal uncle

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  • Not matching maternal uncle

    The first DNA kit I worked with was a Y-DNA test for my mother's brother quite a few years ago (he participated in the Sisson Y-DNA project). My uncle is not showing up at all in my matches.

    I have done an autosomal test for myself, a y-DNA test for my father (we show as a match; he is participating in the Smith Y-DNA project), and I uploaded my mother's autosomal data from Ancestry.

    It's too soon to see my mother's DNA as a match, but I should have shown some sort of match to my uncle by now. All three of us (my mom, my uncle, and me) have a strong family resemblance. We really should be sharing some DNA.

    His kit number is only five digits. Could it just be taking a long time to compare to old DNA results?

    Ideas as to why he's not coming up in my matches? What can I try?


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    It is important to realize that different DNA tests can look at different parts of your DNA.

    Y-DNA is only passed along a direct male line. You would match your father, but you would not match a maternal uncle on Y-DNA.

    You would match your maternal uncle on Autosomal DNA (the Familyfinder test), but are you sure he took that test? It works best if he took it here, but if he took it at Ancestry, he would have to transfer it like your mother did.


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      You say your uncle did a YDNA test, and you did an autosomal test.

      Those are different tests - the YDNA test looks at the Y-Chromosome - the autosomal test looks at the other Chromosomes.

      YDNA results are not - and cannot - be compared to autosomal test results.

      Not clear if the Sisson YDNA project was one at FamilyTreeDNA - but if so, you can click "upgrade" on his Kit and add the FamilyFinder Test. If it was long enough ago, it is possible the DNA is not still usable, in which case they will send out a new collection kit to the Name & address on the Kit - so make sure it is accurate. If your uncle is no longer still alive, you might contact Customer Service to see if they can tell if all is well with the DNA they have before placing the order.