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My rs601338 Secretor Status is CC?

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  • My rs601338 Secretor Status is CC?

    According to my raw autosomal data that I received from the Family Finder on Family Tree DNA, my result for rs601338 (chromosome 19) is CC. According to SNPedia, the only possibilities are AA (non-secretor), AG, and GG (secretor).

    What does having a rs601338 of CC indicate? Is it more relevant to AA (non-secretor) or GG (secretor)?

    Before examining my raw data results, I presumed that I would be a non-secretor because I have psoriasis, as well as a diagnosis of high-functioning autism.

    My mom also has Crohn's disease and snores a lot. Snoring and Crohn's disease are very prevalent factors of non-secretors.

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    DNA is a Double helix, If one side is A the other is T, if one side is C the other side is G
    A bonds with T, and C bonds with G

    One side is termed forward orientation, the other side is Reverse Orientation

    A and G for that SNP are the forward orientation values, T and C are the Reverse orientation values

    CC (reverse orientation) is the same as GG (forward orientation) in this case
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      rs601338 CC

      Thanks for the information. Maybe that is proof that I am a secretor? (Didn't think I was a secretor)