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DNA kits keeping genealogy in forefront

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  • DNA kits keeping genealogy in forefront

    "When earlier this year I had the opportunity to provide Family Tree DNA with some saliva free of charge (saving me around $90), I jumped at the chance. I waited for the kit in the mail - a small package with a couple of cotton swabs and some clear tubes - did what I had to do and then sent them off in the mail. Typically it takes about five or six weeks to get the information back to you, and I have to admit I was quite anxious to see what I'm made of.

    According to family lore - much of it provided by my older brother - we were mostly German on my mother's side and Welsh, German and Dutch on my father's side. As it turned out the oral history was pretty accurate. When I opened the email from Family Tree DNA that day, I clicked on the link and discovered that I was 95 percent European and 4 percent West Middle Eastern. The European part of me (by the way, I am a blue-eyed blond) was also broken down into 80 percent West and Central Europe and 15 percent British Isles.

    While the results of the DNA kit were interesting but pretty much confirmed what I had already suspected, other people can have a much more dramatic experience."