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Segment shared with many Finnish/Norwegian matvhes

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  • Segment shared with many Finnish/Norwegian matvhes

    I have this one segment on Chr. 19 where I match a bunch of Finnish and Norwegian people. I do also share the segment with some people who I know who the common ancestor is. This ancestor's background was Colonial New England (English, as far as I'm aware) and the only known Scandinavian ancestry I have at all is very distant (1600's New Sweden) on a completely different line and it's Swedish. Also, I do not administer his test so I'll have to ask him, but my great uncle on this line tested through 23andme and got 0.2 Finnish ancestry. I am curious as to whether this means I have Scandinavian/Finnish ancestry (well, myOrigins gives me 29%, but it seems like everyone gets a bunch), and why I match these people all on the same segment.

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    could you give us the range of that particular segment?




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      Chr. 19 (~20M-~34M)


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        For information on the ethnic population of New Sweden, you might want to look at the Swedish Colonial Society site.

        I found out that my Swedish 8th great grandfather had a Finnish father in law. Which is why Scandinavia and Finnish is showing up in my DNA.


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          Any connection to Sweden (or New Sweden) will probably result in some Finnish DNA. Actually, a good part of the population of the New Sweden Colony was, in fact, Finnish by ethnicity. A possible Norwegian connection: the royal houses of Sweden and Denmark were known to move Finnish people into underpopulated areas of Norway (the term "Forest Finn" comes to mind). A possible Scandinavian connection to your "English" ancestor: Viking intrusions into Britain or, even more likely, Norwegian immigration to Great Britain, especially during the Age of Discovery.
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            SOLVED: Matches are through newly found Swedish 9th great grandmother. Descendant of Peter Gunnarson Rambo! Apparently, there's an oral history of it to. My great aunt told me that her grandmother had told her about their "Swedish roots" when I told her about it.


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              I have a bunch on Finnish matches on chromosome 16. Funny, FTDNA has me listed for 0% Finnish and 36% Scandinavian... I have found only a few Swedish and Norwegian matches. DNAland has me listed at 3% finnish.

              I need to get my parents tested, next.


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                And my Swedish and Russian matches are also from the same section of Chromosome 16.