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Can a female who has taken the FF test match a Male who has only taken the Ydna test

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  • Can a female who has taken the FF test match a Male who has only taken the Ydna test

    I am still a novice in understanding dna but I thought a male who had taken only the Ydna test would only match males who share his Ydna.Am I misunderstanding this.
    The reason I asked is a male second cousin has taken only the Ydna test and my half sister and 1 cousin (son of my father's sister) have taken the FF test and they come back as a predicted 3th Cousin - 4th Cousin match.

    He doesn't come back as a match to my whole sister , but matches me as 2sd - 3th cousin as I have also taken the family finder & Ydna test.I do also have a paper trail that prove him as a second cousin.

    If family finder & Ydna can show matching with each other then why does he not match my whole sister ?

    Any comment is welcome.

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    If the male second cousin is showing up as a match on Family Finder, then he has certainly had his autosomal DNA tested, either by Family Tree DNA or by AncestryDNA with a later transfer to Family Tree DNA. It is possible he first paid for a Y chromosome test, then later he or someone else paid to have the autosomal DNA analysis done from the same original sample. The Family Finder matches do not involve the Y chromosome in any way and do not depend on gender.


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      edit.. changing my reply.

      If you look at your chromosome browser in Family Finder and find his name, and then find your sister's name and compare the two maps, does the cousin match you in a location that you and your sister to not match?

      Normally there would be so much shared between you and your sister that this idea would not work but I'm wondering if something is being missed. What cM is shared between you and your sister if I might ask?
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        Thank you John McCoy and mkdexter for your reply's .I had contacted the person who manages the kit for my second cousin and told them that I had ask here on the message board for help and I received an email today that they said that since I had contacted them last that they had done a FF test for that second cousin so that would explain why he matches my half sister and cousin.I am sorry if I cause you and trouble.

        mkdexter ,I share 2,722 Centimorgans with my sister but he doesn't show as a match to her

        Again I am very sorry if I have cause you both any trouble.


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          No problem. That's why there is a forum here. And yes that would be a full sibling sister.. which is what I was curious about. Anyway.. Good luck!