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    I ordered my kit tonight and it said it would be sent on Monday. I plan to send it back the day it arrives. How long will it be until I get my results?
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    It can vary. First it needs to get back to FTDNA. The kit comes with a tracking number. Write it down if you want to know where it goes and when. It can some times get stuck at the Houston sorting facility for a while. At least it has for some people in the past but it will eventually get to FTDNA.

    When the tracking indicates it has been delivered, it just means it has been placed in the mail bag in the post office for FTDNA. They typically get delivered on Mondays. So if it gets delivered at the end of the week, you still have to wait a few more days. Once FTDNA has it, in the kit's order history, it will indicate the kit has been received.

    It will get batched on Wednesday or even Thursday. After that the test will be in process. The length depends on what type of test you ordered, how good the DNA sample was, and the volume of tests FTDNA is handling at the time. The day or two after it gets batched you will be given an estimated date of completion. For some people there are delays past this range of dates. For others the results come sooner. You won't know ahead of time which one will be you.

    Some tests can take as little as 2 weeks after it gets batched. Others can take almost 2 months after it is batched if there are no delays.