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How to handle kits you purchase for family members?

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  • How to handle kits you purchase for family members?

    I can't seem to find a clear answer for my situation. I am an existing FTDNA customer and wanted to take advantage of the big summer sale for some family members who are also now interested in the basic Family Finder test kit.

    When I was ready to purchase I added each FF kit, filled in the Tester's Name and selected the gender and paid. But when I received the kits in the mail they each have my name and the kit number, not the name for whom I ordered it.

    I also received an email with the 4 kit numbers and temporary passwords but if I log in with any of those it still says my name on the account details, none of the names I had entered when I ordered the tests. I don't see how I can change it for when I give them their test kits.

    I was going to handle the account and results for my wife and her 90 year old mother but my step son and his wife want to handle their results and account information, they will probably share the results but I don't want to be connected to their accounts.

    Can someone explain how I should proceed?

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    It sounds like somehow you are logged into your own account. You would have to log out of your personal account before you could succeed in logging in to the accounts of those for whom you've purchased tests.

    Go to If you are not logged into your account, there will be boxes to enter the kit number and password. If that's what you see, you should be able to log into the accounts of those for whom you've bought tests. If you don't see that and instead see a link labeled "Sign out," it means you're still logged into your own account. Click on the "Sign out" link and you'll be able to log into one of the kits you've purchased for others. Each time you want to log into a different kit, make sure that you've logged out of another kit to which you have access.


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      If you want to change the name on a kit that is easy to do, just because a kit is currently in your name it doesn't have to stay that way - go to the manage personal information and change the name on the profile section to the name of the tester.

      The kits were posted to you which is maybe why your name is currently on all the different kits. Make sure that when you send the kits back with the release form that the right release form and DNA sample are sent together in the envelope and that you have the name of that kit changed on the account to mirror the name on the corresponding release slip for that kit.

      I hope that makes sense!


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        Yes, you can change the name on the test kit anytime. You can also change the gender if needed by contacting FTDNA. I have ordered many kits using my name/address, then change the names after I receive the kits and even after they are processed and have matches.


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          Thanks everyone, you answered my question.


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            Originally posted by Chrisinhouston View Post
            Thanks everyone, you answered my question.
            You can change the name on those KITs anytime you want. Just log in to those KITs account.

            But if you want to get the name you entered (when you order the KIT) appear then you shouldn't give check mark the "Billing address is same as shipping address" in the Checkout page. If you left it blank (no check marker) then you could enter the any name and address you want.
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