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question about notes in family finder

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  • question about notes in family finder

    looked around on here in forum and faq's, etc., and didn't see anything, so wondering about notes on family finder, where my matches show up. after each name, there is a mail symbol for email addresses, a notes symbol, and a tree symbol that lets you see a match's tree if they have one. are the notes a personal research thing or are they visible by matches and others?

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    As far as I know, the notes entered are for the individual who enters the notes. I write there if I can identify the match. I will usually write "Descends from _____ via son/daughter ____ (insert names). The only place I am aware of that communicates with the match would be if you want to add the relationship to the individual, it asks them to confirm (like I can confirm parent/child relationships, aunts/uncles, Grandparents, siblings etc.)


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      thanks for the reply jsarnacki...I thought they were research notes for me but wanted to make sure. I shouldn't be able to edit another person so no one would be able to see a note unless the person controlling my match added a note.


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        Thanks. This was helpful. I had used Notes to communicate and wondered why I received no reply.

        Some have been waiting four years!


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          Included in the many descriptions on the "Family Finder - Matches" page in the FTDNA Learning Center (under "FTDNA User Guide"), and easily overlooked, is the following sparse description for the "notes" icon. It is under the "Matches" section, then the "Character Card" sub-heading:
          A link to add/view a note ().
          Obviously the icon shown (a speech "balloon") is not what's appearing with Family Finder matches now, which instead is a small square representing a pad, with a pencil. FTDNA needs to update that.

          If you've done any other testing at FTDNA, you will also find an icon to enter notes for Y-DNA and mtDNA matches, but currently those icons are a bit different than the "notes" icon for Family Finder; instead it looks like a lined pad with a pencil.