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My full blood Irish grandfathers ancestry results

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  • My full blood Irish grandfathers ancestry results

    Hello, I had my paternal grandfather take an dna test. I have been able to trace all of his lines back to Ireland with all Irish surnames. When I got his results in it showed 75% Ireland and 21% Great Britian. Is there a significant genetic different between Ireland and Great Britian? Also I take it that Great Britian represents Scotland as well as England and Wales? If it does, then that could explain why when I run my grandfathers data on gedmatch under the Eurogenea k13 his #1 population is West Scottish and #2 is Irish. This is puzzling since I was able to trace all lines to Ireland.

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    What county is he from? This makes a pretty big difference.


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      Also, were his any of his ancestors Protestants? Those are more likely to be Plantation, no matter the county. In other words, English.


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        He is 3rd generation Irish American in the St. Louis area. From what I know his whole family was Catholic.
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          But pretty much every line that I traced of his dead ends in Ireland around the mid to late 1800s. I cant find any further records into Ireland. So some of his line could have very well originated in Great Britain and moved to Ireland.


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            No, if they were Catholics they were probably in Ireland for a long time. But you don't have county information on any of them? Some may have come from counties with more recent (by Irish standards!) immigrants.

            My paternal grandparents were born in Ireland, but one came from an area dominated by Norman, Welsh and Scandinavian invaders from 500-900 years ago. The DNA of folks from this region is somewhat different from that typically found in more western Ireland.

            Btw, once you get an idea of where they came from you can look for your ancestors in the RC record scans the Irish government has recently put online.


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              Hopefully you find the connection on paper, if not maybe it could be due to a non-paternity event.

              Unsure the rate of NPE in Ireland but statistics out there showing that what's on paper isn't always what's the truth.
              Just something to consider.

              Have a Happy New Year all!


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                Tipperary and Waterford for the most part. My main concern with all of this is verifying that my surname Day is actually the Irish name O'Dea and not the English surname Day. My paternal line came from Tipperary Ireland. Growing up I was always told it used to be O'Dea but I'm just wanting to verify.


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                  Keep in mind that admixture calculators are best fit based on the reference populations they use. British Isles DNA will be fairly similar.
                  See attachment

                  Some calculators will be more accurate then others.

                  For example my Grandfather is half Scottish half Irish
                  Eurogenes k13

                  North_Atlantic 52.04%
                  Baltic 23.95%
                  West_Med 12.69%
                  West_Asian 7.97%
                  Red_Sea 0.16%
                  South_Asian 0.31%
                  East_Asian 0.15%
                  Amerindian 1.47%
                  Oceanian 0.57%
                  Northeast_African 0.66%

                  Single Population Sharing:

                  # Population (source) Distance
                  1 Irish 2.25
                  2 West_Scottish 3.18
                  3 Orcadian 3.79

                  Mixed Mode Population Sharing:

                  # Primary Population (source) Secondary Population (source) Distance
                  1 98.6% Irish + 1.4% Ossetian @ 2.12
                  2 98.5% Irish + 1.5% Chechen @ 2.12
                  3 98.5% Irish + 1.5% Tabassaran @ 2.12

                  Oracle 4
                  Using 2 populations approximation:
                  1 50% Irish +50% Irish @ 2.501882

                  Using 3 populations approximation:
                  1 50% Irish +25% Irish +25% Irish @ 2.501882

                  Using 4 populations approximation:
                  1 Irish + Irish + Irish + Irish @ 2.501882
                  2 Irish + Irish + Irish + West_Scottish @ 2.729120
                  3 Irish + Irish + Irish + Orcadian @ 2.863075

                  Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15
                  North_Sea 35.49%
                  Atlantic 30.62%
                  Baltic 9.31%
                  Eastern_Euro 10.23%
                  West_Med 7.87%
                  West_Asian 4.61%
                  Amerindian 1.15%
                  Oceanian 0.45%
                  Northeast_African 0.26%

                  Single Population Sharing:

                  # Population (source) Distance
                  1 West_Scottish 3.18
                  2 Irish 3.27
                  3 Southeast_English 3.29
                  4 Southwest_English 4.49

                  Mixed Mode Population Sharing:

                  # Primary Population (source) Secondary Population (source) Distance
                  1 97% West_Scottish + 3% Chechen @ 2.79
                  2 97.1% West_Scottish + 2.9% Balkar @ 2.8
                  3 97.1% West_Scottish + 2.9% Kabardin @ 2.82

                  Oracle 4

                  Using 2 populations approximation:
                  1 50% Southeast_English +50% West_Scottish @ 3.285086

                  Using 3 populations approximation:
                  1 50% Southeast_English +25% West_Scottish +25% West_Scottish @ 3.285086

                  Using 4 populations approximation:
                  1 Southwest_English + West_Scottish + West_Scottish + West_Scottish @ 3.236397
                  2 Irish + Southwest_English + West_Scottish + West_Scottish @ 3.267436
                  3 Southeast_English + Southeast_English + West_Scottish + West_Scottish @ 3.285086
                  4 Southeast_English + Southwest_English + West_Scottish + West_Scottish @ 3.293581
                  5 South_Dutch + West_Scottish + West_Scottish + West_Scottish @ 3.323738
                  6 Irish + Irish + Southwest_English + West_Scottish @ 3.341929
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                    Yes the population references seem very close. When I run Eurogenes his #1 pop is west scottish and his #2 is Irish. I am mainly referring to his results. But I see it all depends on what admixture program you use.


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                      I have read ancestral histories of certain families, such as the "Seven Tribes of Galway", that claim to have descended from British emigrants.


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                        I would like to correct my previous post. They are the "Fourteen Tribes of Galway."


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                          One possibility is that it isn't only Protestants who came to Ireland from England, there were Catholics as well. Scottish Catholics were the biggest group, but there were English Catholics who went to Ireland, with the largest number arriving in the early to mid 1600s so there likely are few written records remaining.

                          The largest group of English Catholics were in Co. Kilkenny, which is just north of Waterford and just east of Tipperary.


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                            So I have had quite a bit of progress with my Irish ancestry. I found the location of my 3rd great grandfathers burial, along with his wife, his brother, and his brothers wife. They even had the Irish counties of their births on their tombstones. Turns out the cemetery was only 20 minutes from where my grandfather grew up, and he never knew about them.

                            Thanks to indexing the Irish Catholic parish records, I was able to find the baptism of my 3rd grandfather, along with all his other siblings. And with that information, I was also able to see the name of their parents. I have not been able to find a marriage record or baptism records for the parents, yet.

                            With that information and using the Griffiths Valuation I was able to track down my O'Dea family still living on the same farm as my ancestors. There is only one family member that knows much about the family history and it has been a pain keeping in contact with her.

                            Also an update on my yDNA. I purchased the R-L21 snp pack and got back results stating R-S1051. I still have not purchased any yDNA marker tests, but I noticed that there is now a downline test for R-S1051. Should I purchase the snp pack for R-S1051, or get a marker test. The 37 marker test and snp pack are within $20 of each other. Which would I gain more information from?


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                              There is a R-S 1051 Project Group - they will be pleased to add you to the 172 members of this,so far,quite small Haplogroup