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  • Family Finder vs. matching

    Last year my 2nd cousin and I submitted DNA samples for autosomal testing to We got matches indicating "2nd-3rd cousins" with "Confidence: Extremely high". GEDMatch showed that we had a total of segments >7.0 = 171.2 centiMorgens and an estimated number of generations to Most Common Recent Ancestor = 3.2. We then transferred our autosomal data to FTDNA. While Family Finder finds many other links to possible cousins, it lists no links to my cousin and me. I would have guessed that both companies would have similar algorithms for the comparisons. Any ideas about the cause of such inconsistency ? I have made an inquiry through the Help Desk but received no respons.
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    I do not know whether those who transferred to FTDNA can do that, but if you can, then download the data back to your home computer and compare to what was uploaded. Maybe there was an error in processing.

    And of course check whether the files uploaded to FTDNA were the correct files for you and your cousin.

    W. (Mr.)

    How many centiMorgans was the longest block between you and your cousin ?


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      I assume that both of you paid the $39 or otherwise activated your accounts (ie, by bringing in 4 other transferees).

      Timothy Peterman


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        Have you both checked your settings to make sure neither has set to private?


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          Thanks for the suggestions:

          I'll have to see if it's possible for me to download from FTDNA the data that was transferred from Ancestry. GEDMatch showed 6 segments with the largest having 44.6 cM

          Yes, we both paid our $39 transfer fees to FTDNA.

          Both of our Family Finder Matches & EMail Notifications in Account Settings are all checked "Yes" to permit notification to matches. Is there another privacy setting somewhere which might override those selections ?


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            That sounds OK for the privacy settings.


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              This sounds very odd. If you started with a free transfer, you start with 20 matches. After paying, there is a delay before you get full matching. Are both your accounts well beyond the 20 matches?

              Next, use Gedmatch to locate a third "F" kit that is on both your relatives' lists. Now verify that each of your FTDNA accounts also include that third account. Try the "In common" feature to see what you get.


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                Check you Account Settings - Match and E-mail Settings - Family Finder Matches & Email Notifications. Do both of you have the lose option checked ON?


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                  Thanks for the comments:

                  Yes, we both have many, many possible matches listed by Family Finder. I have 61 pages full, but can only identify two of them as known relatives. My known 2nd cousin does not show up on my list, but also has lots of other possible matches, none of which she has been able to confirm as known relatives. The vast majority of possible matches have no trees or even surnames of interest listed.

                  All four of the choices: intermediate, close, distant and speculative buttons are marked "Yes."

                  I did just get a response from the Help Desk and they are working on it now. Perhaps we'll find the answer.


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                    Did your 2nd cousin by chance test other family members at Ancestry? Make sure she is positive she uploaded the correct data to FTDNA.


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                      Thanks Travers.
                      That's certainly a possibility. She's usually very careful and meticulous, but mistakes are always possible. I'll have to try to figure out how to determine whether the raw data used by FTDNA is really identical to that used by Ancestry.


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                        You can have her download the raw data from FTDNA and then download her correct file from AncestryDNA and then compare here:

                        If the files are the same there will be double segment matches for every chromosome 1-22 in the first section of output.
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