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How many Family Finder matches?

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    How do you find the page for Family Finder Matches- newbie here sorry


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      Found the email notifications they were all ticked & saved.

      Not found the predictive or numbers yet....


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        My dad has 1044 matches, my mom has 564 matches, and I'm in between the two of them with 742 matches.

        Almost all of my dad's family has been in America for anywhere from 200-350 years (the only exception being one set of my great-great grandparents from England -- I know she arrived in 1854, and he was here sometime prior to 1858, though I don't have his exact arrival date), with the majority of the ones that I can trace back have been here from the early to mid-1700s at least.

        My mom's family, on the other hand, is the exact opposite: All of her relatives -- with the exception of one set of my great-great grandparents, one of which I've been able to trace back to the early 1700s in Pennsylvania -- arrived between about 1890 and 1903 from Ireland, Germany and what is now Romania.

        The vast majority of matches I've found between here and over at Ancestry have been through those lines that were in America in colonial times, however. I've had a few more recent matches (ie, a couple of second cousins and a third cousin), but I had already been in contact with my second cousins before I'd taken the DNA test, and the lady who is my third cousin never bothered to respond (which is a shame, because she's descended from my paternal line great-great grandpa that I've been stuck at for the past 23 years, and I would've loved to have traded info with her to see if we could maybe find something on his parents).


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          Family Finder Matches

          I have 1397
          My Wife has 622
          My daughter-in-law has 1124.

          My daughter-in-law is one of my matches.


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            Wow. Well so far, my family seems to have significantly fewer FF matches on FTDNA than most of you.

            I have 192 (1082 on Ancestry, 1149 on GEDmatch)
            My dad has 108 (292 on GEDmatch, __ 23&Me results any day now)
            My mom has 310 (860 on Ancestry, 1500 on GEDmatch)
            My maternal grandmother has 93 (1500 on GEDmatch)

            Huh. I never really sat down & figured out the disparity in results between the companies before. Now, I expected a relatively smallish amount of matches for my dad (he's 3/4 Mexican & 1/4 Chinese). But my mom & gram? They're basic Euro mix & certainly get plenty of matches everywhere else. I think my next few tests might have to be bought more @ 23andMe & Ancestry rather than FTDNA. Never thought I'd say that...


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              I have 1,391 matches so far. I think all my ancestors arrived in the USA before 1800.


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                How many Family Finder matches?

                830 matches.


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                  Originally posted by prairielad View Post
                  My Paternal Side which is half Scottish/Irish and half German Bukovinian (Romania/Ukraine)
                  1. Fathers paternal 1st Cousin - 75 Immediate to 5th cousins 517 Speculative
                  2. My Father - 94 Immediate to 5th cousins 600 Speculative
                  3. My Uncle A - 85 Immediate to 5th cousins 482 Speculative
                  4. My Aunt - 92 Immediate to 5th cousins 492 Speculative
                  5. My Uncle B - 115 Immediate to 5th cousins 565 Speculative

                  My Maternal side that is half English half Norwegian/Swedish
                  1. My Mother - 39 Immediate to 5th cousins 338 Speculative
                  2. My Aunt - 78 Immediate to 5th cousins 401 Speculative
                  3. My Uncle - 60 Immediate to 5th cousins 304 Speculative

                  Myself and Siblings
                  1. Sibling 1 - 51 Immediate to 5th cousins 466 Speculative
                  2. Sibling 2 - 55 Immediate to 5th cousins 369 Speculative
                  3. Sibling 3 - 57 Immediate to 5th cousins 395 Speculative
                  4. Sibling 4 - 63 Immediate to 5th cousins 390 Speculative
                  5. Sibling 5 - 60 Immediate to 5th cousins 377 Speculative
                  6. Sibling 6 - 94 Immediate to 5th cousins 486 Speculative
                  To add, Paternal Grandfather with Scottish paternal and Irish maternal

                  133 Immediate to 5th Cousins*, 747 Speculative

                  Paternal Grandmother born in Romania with German paternal Grandfather

                  15 Immediate to 5th Cousins**, 101 Speculative

                  *11 of these kits are immediate family - 4 children, 6 Grandchildren and 1 nephew
                  **10 of these kits are immediate family - 4 children, 6 Grandchildren
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                    How many family finder matches?

                    793 total, split into 105 distant and 688 speculative. Nothing closer than distant
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                      I got my results today.

                      Only 9 matches, all speculative

                      It doesn't show my fourth cousin once removed who is also fifth cousin through a different couple of ancestors. I guess we didn't get the same portion of dna?
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                        Staffordshire, England

                        Originally posted by Earl Davis View Post
                        All my kits are from people born in Staffordshire, England
                        I have an ancestor (1620s) who was born there, Peter Witham (Witthum/Wittham etc). Still waiting for my family finder results...


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                          I don't know about "speculative", etc. My Chromosome Browser, as of today, shows 609 matches. I don't know most of them. And I rarely try to contact anyone. Sometimes I wonder why I even bothered to charge my credit cards with these tests.