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Transfer matches not unlocking

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  • Transfer matches not unlocking

    Customer service closed a 10am my time and I was hoping not to have to wait until Monday...I transferred my DNA and paid the fee to unlock all matches. I still only see the list of 20 matches with partial info. When I click on them I get a message to Unlock which takes me to a screen to either post the link or pay to have them unlocked. I tried the pay $39 to unlock (Figured I could pay again then get the double charge refunded next week) but when it goes to the shopping cart screen I get "Autosomal DNA Transfer cannot be added because it already exists or is not allowed".

    So frustrated, any ideas? I want to see the matches!

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    Per FTDNA:
    "Autosomal transfer unlocks
    Autosomal Transfers are currently taking up to 5 calendar days to unlock because of the size and amount of time that Family Finder runs are taking. The two can’t be run concurrently, so once a Family Finder upload begins, transfers have to wait until it finishes running to be uploaded, which can take between 2-3 days. Transfer runs take about a day, so depending on what point in the cycle an autosomal transfer is purchased, it may be that fourth or fifth calendar day before the unlocked results are available."


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      OK so even though I paid for the unlock at the same time I uploaded they release the info in 2 phases and it will take several more days. It's frustrating to give me 20 matches with no trees or ability to contact anybody. I would have rather them just wait until the information was processed then to give me matches I can't do anything with. Oh Well.