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  • Uploading surname list

    Is there anyway to upload surnames from a spreadsheet? I can see where to download them and where to add new ones. Do I really have to enter them individually?

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    Yes, it is exactly as you are seeing.

    One of course wonders why there is no download, while the upload is available. Possibly somebody had thought that the users would use FTDNA as their primary repository...

    However, sometimes with FTDNA I cannot guess their intentions. For example, with the family tree it is the exact opposite: one cannot download...


    I have such lists (name-place or place-name) being generated on-fly as tables by my genealogical software. And it is kind of obvious that with tens of entries to be made, FTDNA could have improved the process of copying. I know that most of us are highly dedicated hobbyists, but by making it easier to enter, let's say, 64 family names with locations would make us love FTDNA even more


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      As of 9 May 2019, there is supposedly an "UPLOAD CSV" capability on that surname entry page - however, I cannot get it to work with a CSV file generated from Excel in the CSV format, containing in row 1 cells A and B the headings SURNAME and LOCATION, and in the subsequent rows, columns A and B, the Surname and Location pairs. As it happens, I have 80 of these to enter selectively into three different profiles, so I do NOT want to have to enter them laboriously one by one. The people on the help desk took some days to provide useful information about the format, which I assume is correct information, and led to the format I described here. Any suggestions as to how to get this feature to work would be welcome. At present the error message shown at the bottom of the image here is as far as I can get - scroll down past the white space.
      FT Something went wrong message.jpg
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        I should ask - has anyone successfully used the "Upload CSV file" on the Add Surnames page, to upload surnames? I'm wondering whether it is simply dysfunctional - or whether there is something else I need to know or change.


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          You could try typing a few surnames in a csv file just separated by comma as an experiment. I very vaguely remember years ago of a discussion that the standard was to put the location in parentheses, but I could be mistaken.