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What happened to all my matches?

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  • What happened to all my matches?

    I just received my FF results three days ago and scrolled through many matches. There were a few pages of them. Last night, and still today, there are only THREE matches! The number of MyOrigin matches also was cut down to only a handful.
    What happened to all those matches? I don't think I changed any settings that would have deleted them, I just don't understand.
    Can anyone on this forum help me with this?

    Thanks, Critton

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    Do your settings look like in the picture below? If not, then make them like that, save, logout and wait 10-15 minutes before logging back in.

    The above settings are under the headline Match and E-mail Settings on the page Privacy & Sharing

    After you have your matches back, again on the page Privacy & Sharing, you may want to make sure that the answer to the question Who can view my ethnic breakdown in myOrigins? is Matches.

    The dialog screen before saving that particular settings should look like below:
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      Please share whether you got your matches back


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        it worked

        @dna ... Thank you so much! I really appreciate technical advice when it works the first time. Using the screen shot of the settings made it simple.
        Thanks again, Critton