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    Hi. I am still getting used to this cousin finder. I have a question, however stupid it might sound,..If A distant aunt or uncle married someone would I connect to their married surname through their descendants? I have so many surnames I'm connecting to and I don't have them in my tree. Thankso much. Carla

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    If you have common ancestors with a several times great aunt then her descendants can show up as your distant cousins. Some of them may have her husband´s surname.


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      Hi, The number of names that you will connect with that you may have never heard before will depend in part on the number of family members that you have managed to trace down to the current level.

      Example, my GGG grandfather and his wife had 13 children, many of those female who, of course, changed to the husband's name or husbands in some cases. Each of my 2nd great grand aunts and uncles married and had on average 10 children. It totalled out to be about 130 grandchildren for one set of GGG grandparents. Those children married and had somewhat fewer children, about 100 in all. And with each generation new names came into the family.

      Now if I'm lucky some of those individuals will know their GGG grandparent's name and will list it on a tree or in a common surname list and we will be able to connect that way. Other's won't know the names but hopefully they will have inherited a recognizable portion of the GGG grandparents' DNA and through a great deal of effort looking for others that share the same DNA pattern we will perhaps be able to connect our genetics to a common name.


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        Thanks for the response. I would think also that I would connect to the descendants from my distant Uncles wives surnames, right? Granted that enough DNA was passed down? For example, my GG grandfather had a brother and he married a McDonald. Would I connect with the surname McDonald too through their descendants? Thanks!


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          No. The people you connect to there would be descendants of the brother of your gg grandfather and would have his name. You have no genealogical connection with the descendants of the siblings of the wife, but your cousins from that line may have McDonald matches.

          If you are seeing McDonalds on your match list then you should be looking for another source for the connection to that name.


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            Thank you.. you've helped me a lot.