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Reviewing trees of my FF matches

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  • Reviewing trees of my FF matches

    Probably 10 - 15% of my FF matches have a tree posted on FTDNA. I would like to identify these matches so I can review their trees. Is there a way to do this without scrolling through the 100+ screens of all of my matches? Thanks.

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    Unfortunately no. Nor is there any way of identifying when someone has updated their tree, so the whole process of reviewing trees is highly inefficient.


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      May I use your ideas to suggest an improvement to FTDNA ?


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        Improvements would be welcomed


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          Some people also revise their surname lists. One person I again checked today removed a couple of their names that I was using as clues. The names aren't in my direct lines, but were connected to relatives or as a possible future connection. When I look at all those colonial names in various peoples' trees, I think I must be related to the whole colonial population (ha ha).


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            Thanks everyone for your replies.

            dna, feel free to suggest it as an improvement. If it can't be accomplished, even the ability to jump to a particular page of matches would be helpful. Then one could for example review several pages of results starting at page 70, without having to waste time manually paging to to that point.