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Evaluating a 2nd cousin 1x removed match

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  • Evaluating a 2nd cousin 1x removed match

    Do the GEDmatch comparisons below seem plausible for a 2nd cousin once removed relationship?

    Person A is the great-granddaughter of John & Mary. Person B and C are the 2nd great-grandchildren of John & Mary.

    Note that, for what it’s worth, Persons B and C are half first cousins to each other.

    Comparing Person A to Person B (2nd cousins once removed):
    Chr 2 - 3.7cM
    Chr 7 - 2.3cM
    Chr 10 - 3.1cM
    Chr 12 - 2.0cM
    Chr 15 - 5.4cM
    Chr 16 - 5.8cM
    Total shared segments: 22.4cM

    Comparing Person A to Person C (2nd cousins once removed):
    Chr 11 - 1.2cM
    Chr 19 - 8.0cM
    Total shared segments: 9.2cM

    Any comments or insights would be much appreciated!

    Thank you.

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    I admin my dad's kit and these are his numbers for a 2nd cousin once removed:

    chr 3 8.7 cm
    chr 4 8.8 cm
    chr 6 50.2 cm
    chr 6 32.6 cm
    chr 13 14 cm
    chr 15 12.2 cm
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      Thanks very much for sharing an example of your own results at the same level, very helpful.

      I've been looking around today at others who have posted results at this level, and the totals vary wildly from a bare minimal to a large number of shared segments.

      In the examples in my inital post which show results between 2nd cousins 1x removed, the various charts I've consulted online suggest a relationship somewhere between 3rd cousins 1x removed to 4th cousins.

      So if I'm not totally out of line in my thought process on this, it appears I share less common DNA than average with these particular 2nd cousins 1x removed. Interesting!