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Not getting credit when referral link was used?

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  • Not getting credit when referral link was used?

    Anyone have a ballpark estimate on how much time I must wait to see an upload credit?

    About 3 hours ago, a relative needed just one more referral for her results to be unlocked, so I created another account using a 2nd relative. 2 hours ago I received a message saying the match list for the 2nd relative was ready. Both relatives are showing the matching close relatives i expect, however, 1st relative still shows she needs one more referral!
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    Now it has been more than 6 hours since I received the "your matches are ready" message for the 2nd relative but it still says there is 1 more needed to unlock the account of the 1st.

    I can supply both account numbers if it would be helpful.

    The only thing atypical that happened during registration is that I didn't realize that I didn't have the raw DNA file on my computer's harddrive so I spent a few minutes getting it emailed to me and downloading the attachment to my local hard drive. The total time waiting at the file selection stage was probably about 15 minutes.


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      The credit from the referral link should happen almost right away, once the file is uploaded. Email Customer Support with the kit numbers and they can check into it.



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        Thanks, I contacted customer support.