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  • Relationship help please

    Hi,I have a known 3rd cousin who has matched at 2nd-3rd cousin relationship range as follows

    Mr. S
    Shared cM 267.51
    Longest block 49.76
    Shared segments 37

    Then I have another unknown match that has also matched as 2nd-3rd cousin range as follows -

    Mr. R
    Shared cM 164.51
    Longest block 11.24
    Shared segments 41

    So, my question is what is putting these two people in the same relationship range when I have other matches very close in numbers to Mr. R but they are showing as 4th-remote as per this example

    Mr. N
    Shared cM 156.96
    Longest block 11.16
    Shared segments 38

    Also, are the figures high enough in these results to be 'true' relationships? Should I be paying more attention to Shared cM or Longest block? Also is the shared segments figure important??

    Thanks for any help!!