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  • Undo Link?

    I went into the Family Tree tool and had a link. So out of curiosity I clicked it without researching knowing it would remove people in my tree. I just wanted to see the detail of this "link".

    Well it REPLACED my grandmother with this link person? I have no idea why this other person was picked as my link. I don't see any unlink! How do I get my grandmother back on my tree.

    This just seems horrible as the link is not an FF match and has replaced my grandmother in my tree.
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    click on this linked person in your tree and then click View Profile. There is a Unlink this person choice in Window that pops up


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      Nope I don't see unlink.

      Only see a delete and when I click it asks if what to remove about 20 others in my tree.

      The feature appears broke as I can't find unlink but it show a windows to link to same person I already linked.
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        If there's no unlink option, then either the link didn't work in the first place, or there's a glitch.

        Have you tried going out of the tree and then back in? That shouldn't be necessary, but just in case.

        If that doesn't work, send me a private message with your kit number, the name that should be on the tree and the name that's on the tree now, and I'll ask IT to look into it.



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          Going in and out makes no difference. I'll send you a PM.