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  • Order History Timeline?

    I knew the results wouldn't be ready yet but I checked an account I manage for movement. The FF was batched 9/18/2014. I think her kit was received by the lab that same week. When I checked last Monday the countdown had reached the 1-2 week mark.

    Today the Order History says her kit was received by the lab 10/2/2014. I am guessing her first run/sample failed? Can anyone enlighten me? I had ordered a YDNA test for my dad at the same time and his kit was batched and received by the lab the week of 9/18/2014 and is still listed as such.

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    Well..., once the kit gets to the lab, it is as if it was in a black hole. I have just posted about it elsewhere in the forum


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      Hi DNA, I guess the black hole issue is what has me confused. I didn't expect to see a date change in the Received by Lab field. Unless something has changed, it was my understanding the original lab receipt date would stand, the countdown would remain static at 1-2 weeks and the 2nd sample would either be run and completed or a request for a new sample would be issued after everything on hand failed.

      Is this a new update procedure, a glitch or have I lost my mind? The kit was batched Sept 18. I checked at that time and I am pretty sure there was a date from that week for Received by Lab. Maybe Elise can comment?


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        May be Elise can enlighten us a little bit about new(?) procedures, but the underlining problem is lack of clear status updates.

        I will steal your timeline concept , next time I am commenting on the black hole topic


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          It occurred to me that at least in this instance I have not lost my mind and there was an original Received by Lab date during the week of 18 Sep. That is the only way our expected results would now be at 1-2 week point yet have the new Received by Lab date of 2 Oct.