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A possible NPE found through Family Finder Test?

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    When you get to the point that you are trying to match 5 to remote cousins to other cousins, you are getting to the point where the DNA of one cousin may not match the DNA of another. But it doesn't mean that the people who you have paper trailed aren't matches, just that the DNA hasn't been passed along to both parties.

    My brother has 544 cousin matches that don't match in common with me. The range of those matches is 2nd-4th cousins to 5th to remote. I have 465 matches on my list (from 2nd to 4th through to to 5th to remote) that don't have anything in common with my brother.

    I wouldn't worry about a possible distant cousin, and would go to back to working on people that you can reasonably match with DNA. It could very well be that what you are seeing as a match from one line is so far in the past (the 1300's) that there is no DNA showing from that line anymore at all. Going back so far IBS grows more and more likely. The Chinese cousin could easily be "noise".


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