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    Originally posted by efgen View Post
    She purchased the transfer, but hasn't uploaded her file yet.

    Since she purchased just a few days before the change to $39, she can contact Customer Support to have the order changed to the new $39 one. She'll need to do that before she uploads the file, though. Once the file is uploaded, the order can't be changed.

    Thanks Elise. It makes sense that she may not have uploaded her file. I sent her a message with your response, supports phone # and copied/pasted's instructions as to how to download the raw dna file from there.

    Hope this takes care of everything.



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      Referral link?

      I transferred one Ancestry test and have several more transfers to do. I'm not sure what referral link you are talking about. When I click on the "Unlock for Free" link it takes me to a page that has a URL listed on it.
      When I got to that, it looks just like the page I used to initiate the first transfers. Is this URL specific to me, so it will know I'm referring 4 more transfers?