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    I have a Austsomal match with an Adoptee and I have been trying to find a connection. She appears as an X match with my Father but it only shows on GEDMATCH which is currently down, not on his X matches through FTDNA. However the Adoptee matches my oldest Daughter at 5.1cm X Chromosome and Autosomal 59.79cm. The adoptee matches my Fathers Autosomal at 106.81cm, myself at 87.32cm,and my other daughter 96.24cm.

    Can anyone guide me in which direction I should go.

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    Is the x match over 15cMs? If so, it seems the connection is through your father's mother's side of the family. Next thing I would check would be to see if you have any other 'x' matches (or close matches) in common to try to narrow things down to the right family.


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      Like Lucky said looks like your Father's Mother's lines.
      probably a 2nd to 3rd cousin to your father.