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  • Confirmed Sibling unmatch confirmed cousin

    I did family finder DNA, then my sister did her's a year later. We were confirmed as full siblings. A male 3rd cousin took his recently and matched my sister as 3rd cousin 1x removed but did not match me. Can anyone tell me why how he could match her and not me? Thanks

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    FF doesn't estimate how many times removed someone is, so what do you mean that he matched her as 3C1R ?

    In any case, you and your sister inherited some different segments of DNA from your parents, so the cousin happens to match more of her DNA than yours.

    Also see the following:



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      Third Cousin

      Sorry, FTDNA matched her as his 3rd to 5th cousin. In my family tree at Ancestry.Com he's calculated to be our 3rd cousin 2x removed. He's much younger than us; his grandfather was our 3rd cousin. Thank you for explaining possible reason he did not match me.