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Unexpected Autosomal Test Result

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  • Unexpected Autosomal Test Result

    I take Geno 2.0 test and my autosomal result is Northeast Asian 48%, Southeast Asian 43%, Southwest Asian 5%, and Oceanian 4%. After I transfered to FTDNA I upgrade Y-STR 111 and Family Finder. My KIT Number is N118117

    I know FTDNA have different algorithm, different reference population and more SNPs to test. So I will get different admixture result. Since I am Southeast Asian then I expected to get higher Southeast Asian component. Maybe 70%-75% Southeast Asian.

    The result surprised me, because FTDNA gave me 100% Southeast Asia. I understand FTDNA MyOrigin didn't have Oceanian as separated component, so it must be merge to Southeast Asia. But how about my Southwest Asian and Northeast Asian component in Geno 2.0 ? All of them become Southeast Asian in MyOrigin ? Not even 3%-5% Northeast Asian ?

    I upload the Raw Data to GEDMATCH. Various calculator there gave me about 75%-85% Southeast Asian.
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    Welcome to the club. Mine was unexpected too, it didn't show any of my 45% British Isles ancestry, instead I showed as 78% western and central Europe. I think some of the GEDmatch calculators are more accurate.