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    I've been looking at some of my matches' surname lists over the weekend, and it's pretty obvious that some have never been reviewed or edited.

    Many lists include given names picked up as surnames by FTDNA's software. In other cases, I see over 100 surnames listed that don't appear in the associated tree. I don't know whether these are being generated from the source gedcom, or added manually, but if they're from further back than 11 or 12 generations, most of them could probably be omitted.

    Quite a few of my matches also include multiple variants of the same name. Unless entered as a unit, separated by slashes, they pop up as many as five or six times in the list (depending on the number of spellings) and may not be recognized as belonging to the same family.

    I've also seen notes and comments that I don't think the owner intended to display ("Add photos when Cousin Joe sends")("the biggest drunk in the county LOL").

    I realize these aren’t major issues, but they can be annoying to others and potentially embarrassing to the tree owner.
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    I just uploaded my GedCom last night from my Ancestry tree and I noticed the same thing. I went through the 16 pages of last names and edited them all and put place names in the appropriate field.
    I noticed the omission of last names that are over 10 generations, this didn't bother me as it is highly unlikely you'll be matched to anyone with a common ancestor that far back! Most of my ancestors that are 10-20 generations back are nobility and royalty anyway.