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Why not matching in common, please?

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  • Why not matching in common, please?

    My mother matches the following people on chromosome 18. If my mother's tree is correct, FGL is her paper trail paternal fourth cousin. RLB and JEH are mystery relatives, but the matches they share in common with my mother are known paper trail relatives of my mother on her maternal side. That leaves PFH. PFH matches in common with none of the other three people, and I cannot figure out why? Does anyone have any ideas, please?

    kit start end cMs SNPs
    FGL 19885242 28049099 9.03 2600
    PFH 21019007 28368376 7.77 2300
    RLB 23287051 41232603 15.96 4300
    JEH 23287051 54353211 31.63 7900

    Matrix Matches
    FGL matches none of the others.
    PFH matches none of the others.
    RLB matches JEH.
    JEH matches RLB.
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    PFH may match FGL or RLB/JEH along this segment if you look at their raw data, but they may not share enough DNA with each other or others on your match list for the matching alogrithms threshold to determine a match, therefore will not have any In Common With matches.

    To truly get to the bottom on how they match, you would have to request the raw data info for this segment from FGL, PFH, RLB, and JEH and compare it to your mother raw data. The shared sequence of each match with your mother will show you who matches(FGL, PFH, RLB, and JEH)who.
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      Ah. Thank you very much!