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  • My largest block person

    Has no Family tree posted nor surnames posted. Does that mean they are just a voyeur and don't contribute or do yu write ten and ask them to see their tree. As soon as I figure our how to doit I will put mine up. I mean what's the point?

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    The point is people get their DNA tested for reasons other than finding relatives. I have little to no interest in contacting my matches.


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      I would email them a nice note. Usually they will respond, if not to the first one, to another some time later. Some folks do not have trees. I have helped a few make theirs. Others just want to get a few more corrections before they post it. Still others have a wonderful tree posted elsewhere and don't see the point of putting still another version out there.

      I usually make the first note short but polite and personal with a little information about myself and that I hope we can figure out how we match.

      We all get busy from time to time. I have had people write after a long silence and it turned out they had illness, death or other things more important than my email to deal with.


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        Certainly a number of folks who have been tested are, like myself, adopted. I have almost no clue who my biological family is, and therefore no family tree information to share.

        However, if you were related to me, and sent me a note, I would jump on the chance to talk with you and try to ascertain how we are related .