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    Is there a ceiling limit to the number of total matches FTDNA allows each FF customer? If so, does FTDNA remove matches from our lists to accommodate more matches with closer cousinship, or relationship range?

    Does the list continue to be added to over time as each batch of new donors is processed? Will this ever be capped, do you know?

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    On the Family Finder Test, I haven't heard of any limits. My list just seems to grow and grow. They just fit the matches in to the appropriate range and add page numbers.


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      Same here. I have heard complaints though at one or more of the other genetic genealogy companies of systematic parsing down of lists without customers being informed, resulting in complaints of matches inexplicably disappearing from lists. I have noticed over the last two years a few names disappear from my match list and wondered if I was imagining things or if in fact some matches are edged out due to being at the borderline of being too distant in cousinship/relationship range, to make room for new closer cousins that are periodically added. This would suggest there was a maximum 'cap' placed on each customer's match list so it doesn't become unruly.

      I am just wondering what FTDNA's policy is in this regard.