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Family Finder using Y-DNA cheek swab

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  • Family Finder using Y-DNA cheek swab

    I provided a cheek swab to FTDNA for a Y-DNA test back in 2011 and I would like to know if I can have FTDNA use this cheek swab to run the Family Finder test? How would I start this process and how much does it cost? Does it cost less than doing another cheek swab for the Family Finder test?
    Thanks for any help.

    John Hale

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    In the upper right corner of your FTDNA home page there's a button labeled "order an upgrade." After clicking it, you will see a page listing different tests you can order, including Family Finder. If you have enough DNA from your y-dna swap left, they'll use it, otherwise they'll send you a new set of swabs. There's no discount for having dna on file that I can think of. I know at one time they lowered the FF price to $99, but I'm not sure if the price is still the same as it's been a while since I ordered.


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      Test is same - $99 -- but you do not have the additional $5 for the kit (which I think used to be called $4 for shipping and handling).

      One thing for sure -- you want it under the same Kit number -- so can do the Advanced Matching, asking for folks who match you on both tests (after new results in). So order as upgrade!


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        Thanks to both of you.....

        for the info you've given me.