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    I just got the results of my family finder test. My closest match is HD-108, male, no other information. This is a very close match; 246 cM, a 2nd cousin match, so we could have grandparents that are siblings. I'm adopted and am trying to find some real connections on my birth-father's side, and I'm sure that this is on his side. Customer service tells me this is from the HagitBaris study. Does anyone know about this study? Does anyone have DNA relatives that are identified similarly? I've tested at Ancestry, 23andMe, and I'm on Gedmatch, and this is twice as close as any other match I've got. If anyone knows anything that could help, please let me know!

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    You've found this page, correct?

    There is a place to contact the group administrator...

    Good luck!


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      Thank you, no, I hadn't found that. How did you find it? The only way I seem to be able to find it is by clicking your link! I will post here if I'm able to find out anything.

      If anyone else know anything about this project, please let me know!


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        Google "HagitBaris" one word including the quotes. The first option that came up was the link to the familytreedna study.