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  • testing distant cousins

    Has anyone here tested distant cousins? I have cousins who are grandchildren of my grandparents' siblings. Would testing them for Family Finder be a waste of money? I am not having any luck with matches anywhere.

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    This type of relationship should be in scope for an autosomal test. I believe they would be third cousins (my math may be off) and my (half)sister just matched a 3rd cousin on Ancestry. Definitely worth it in my opinion.



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      I would say it is worth it to test as many relatives of a known common ancestor as possible(with in your budget)as each sibling only shares about 50% of their DNA with each other. It is this other 50% (inherited opposite Grandparents)that descendants of these siblings may of inherited (as well as the different mixture of shared 50%), that may get you through your brick wall.

      My mother's 3rd Cousin 1x (my mother's great grandfather and matches 2x Great Grandmother were siblings) has tested, and she has a handful of unique matches that my mother(and my uncle)do not have that point to this shared line.

      The same goes for my father and two of his 3rd Cousins 1x. One is actually a half 3rd Cousin 1x, my fathers Great grandfather married twice.

      While none have given me a giant leap forward, they have shed light on where to proceed next in my search.


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        Thanks for your responses. I am hoping the test of my mother's brother could open some doors. I wish I could convince my brother to take a test. I'll see how far I'll go with testing.


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          Since these cousins share great grandparents with you they are 2nd cousins, and I count that as close relations. I have had 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th cousins test and all have helped figure out our ancestry, either by confirming the known ancestry or by common matches that led to further known relationships.

          If you have several 2nd cousins from different siblings test and you all/some have matches in common you know which great grandparents lines are the common lines, and that is a big plus.

          It all depends on who tested that might match, though.


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            Originally posted by JohnG View Post
            Since these cousins share great grandparents with you they are 2nd cousins...
            Thanks John. I figured my math was off.