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23andMe Really Slowing Down?

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  • 23andMe Really Slowing Down?

    I only got 6 new matches in the past 33 days at 23amdMe. I never kept count, but it seems like I used to get 50-100 in that much time.

    Has anyone else noticed a huge decrease in the no. of new matches they get there?

    I imagine a lot is the loss of the health sector of new purchasers. As for the genealogy customers, they seem to have way down too. I wonder if it's distrust of the new chip, or if everyone is waiting for DNA day?

    I thought I would get my mother tested there, as I've already tested her here and at Ancestry. I'm just not having any luck at all breaking down those brick walls!!!

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    I hear you. I'm noticing the same thing. Although I never really got that many matches since I joined. Also, few matches there respond to requests to make contact and discuss common ancestry. Less than at FTDNA at any rate.
    You're probably correct about the loss of the health sector having an impact. That must have been a major selling point for them.


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      Cumulative count of matches (at 23andMe) on different days:

      24 Feb 2012 - 304 matches
      18 Jun 2012 - 360 matches
      01 Sep 2012 - 383 matches
      01 Jan 2013 - 440 matches
      24 Mar 2013 - 530 matches
      14 Apr 2013 - 545 matches
      06 May 2013 - 599 matches
      22 Jul 2013 - 778 matches
      08 Jan 2014 - 1196 matches
      23 Jan 2014 - 1239 matches
      16 Feb 2014 - 1352 matches
      04 Mar 2014 - 1387 matches
      22 Mar 2014 - 1391 matches

      Sorry I don't have regular intervals of amounts, just when I feel like it, or someone does a thread somewhere that I find, I guess.


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        Info about 23&Me & genealogy

        My matches on all of 6 family profiles at 23 have dropped way off. I don't think I have had ANY new matches in about 2 - 3 weeks. The total # of matches for each profile is around 2k, so we generally get a lot every week.

        There are several news articles from SXSW that are pretty revealing about what's going on. (Easy to google and find if anyone is interested.)

        In the articles I read, Anne W. admitted sales have slowed considerably lately, since the FDA action against 23. She also confirmed the company emphasis on health info over family research. Genetic genealogy continues to have less support there, which has been disappointing.

        This quote hit me in the gut when I read it.

        “We’re not going to switch gears and become an ancestry company, although that’s a huge market on its own. We need to return to delivering health information.”


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          I'm continuing to get a handful or so of matches a week there. It took me a couple of years to go from 600 to 1100, so my current growth is probably off a bit but it's hard to tell how much given the cap.

          It's disappointing they aren't putting more effort into genetic genealogy. I seriously doubt they are going to get their health stuff back on line any time soon.


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            Originally posted by AngeliaR View Post
            “We’re not going to switch gears and become an ancestry company, although that’s a huge market on its own. We need to return to delivering health information.”
            Well, if that's their attitude, they can't complain if they don't get any new customers!!! They may not be able to stay in business. You would think that, with the loss of their health business, they'd be doing everything in their power to attract genealogists.

            Ancestry drives me crazy with their compete lack of tools for analyses. I have a match there now that might break down a brick wall, if I could see what segment she shares with me. We apparently share 2 possible common ancestors, one born around 1600 and a hypothetical (for me) one born around 1750. If I only knew our shared DNA and the longest segment, I might be able to tell which line the common ancestor was in. There are a lot fewer generations if our common ancestor is the man born around 1750. As I'm using Mom's DNA, he would be her 4th great-grandfather, whereas the other is her 9th great-grandfather. You would think it would be easy, but Mom is descended from 2 sons of the 9th great-grandfather and she does get matches who are descended from him.


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              I think some of the 23andme customers see the red-flags popping up, no new matches, no answers to questions of the last year, the reality of the facts presented look negative to me, it's obvious 23andme is an health orientated site, ancestry is secondary and their objective is to keep it that way, I can't see them staying in business with reduced sales kits at $99 and no fee for continual ancestry information..


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                MoberlyDrake: To compare segments, you and your ancestry match can upload to Gedmatch (although I believe they are still down with a server problem presently).


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                  Originally posted by marietta View Post
                  MoberlyDrake: To compare segments, you and your ancestry match can upload to Gedmatch (although I believe they are still down with a server problem presently).
                  I have already uploaded the kits for all my family members to Gedmatch, but I've found it impossible to convince my matches at Ancestry to either upload to Gedmatch or to transfer here. I think most just test for the ethnicity results. Some think the tiny size of the Family Finder database makes a transfer not worthwhile, even though I tell them about the great tools.


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                    I don't think anyone has to worry about 23andme going bankrupt. They make far more $$$ on selling their customers medical data in bulk then they do with $99 kits.

                    Just read the latest comments by the CEO:


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                      I have 1917 matches at 23andme, my son has 1674, but we have been there since the V2 chip (& never upgraded, I refused to pay a subscription). Since they stopped doing the health testing, it looks like I have gotten roughly 42 matches & my son gotten about 39 matches. That is looking at the match responses & public matches. I can estimate where they started testing ancestry only, (since it says ancestry or ancestry & health). It has slowed down somewhat however. There is no cap as long as you keep up with sending out sharing invitations...


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                        I got just 1 new match at 23andMe today.

                        That brings my total to 1481.

                        My mother got 31 new matches at Ancestry today, including a first cousin. I've written to her. I think I have a pretty good idea who she is. Since 2 of my mothers aunts moved to a different state when she was very young, she doesn't know all of her 1st cousins.


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                          A handful of matches

                          I had a handful of mostly distant matches today spread between my 6 profiles at 23.

                          Slow go. Not at all what we had been seeing.


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                            I lost some more at 23andMe (even though I invite everyone since forever), and gained one. Net loss of two. I have lost some here and there over the years. I have 1389 matches there.


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                              Maybe some people are deleting their accounts?