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How long does a sample last?

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  • How long does a sample last?

    My wife tested her mtDNA back in 2008 as part of the Genographic 1.0 project. Her data was transferred to FTDNA, shortly after she got her results.

    I just convinced her to do the Family Finder test which was ordered on 03/17 but is still not batched as yet. Does this mean that a new sample is required or will FTDNA try to use the sample from 2008. Is it even still good after six years?

    I'm also hoping that the recent website issues did not delay my order.

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    This week's batch didn't close on Wednesday as it normally does, but it should close soon.

    Sample quality doesn't affect the batch process, since they are batches of orders, not batches of lab tests An old sample could still be good. My grandfather's samples were from 2006, and the lab was able to get FF results for him last year. It could go either way. If a new sample is needed, fresh swabs will be mailed to you. If you haven't already, check your wife's account to make sure it has the correct mailing address.



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      This Week's Batch


      The information technology team is working on the issue. We will close the batch as soon as it is fully addressed. Thank you for understanding.


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        Thanks Elise and Rebekah.

        I'm hoping the old sample is still viable as it saves at least a week in processing.

        Her shipping address is correct as is her contact email.

        If it helps...kit number: N62465