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  • Thrilled But Bewildered

    I've done both AncestryDNA and had the raw data transfered to FTDNA. Both sets of results have left me thrilled and bewildered at the same time. The AncestryDNA linked my tree to others and I've been able to fill out my tree with reasonable confidence.

    Ancestry has linked me to three sides of my mother's tree and NONE to my father's family.

    FTDNA has linked me to some fairly close 2nd - 4th degree cousins with family names I've never heard of. My strongest FTDNA match is a 2nd - 4th cousin with an unknown surname with 19th century ancestors from a family that also led to my maternal grandmother. I had to dig to find the connection, and it appears we're more like 5th degree cousins. Other than that ONE match that's the only one where I've been able to find a common ancestor in FTDNA.

    Does this mean family secrets died with my parents, or does this mean I have hundreds, if not thousands of unknown kinfolk with no curiosity about family history and genetic genealogy?

    So far this has been a very interesting, but frustrating journey into genetic genealogy for me. Thank you for allowing me to vent.
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    Genealogy is a slow game, always something to look at or do, not always immediate answers to questions. I find the DNA part of it to be the same, it takes a while to get from 'who are all these people', to "Oh, that's my great great grandmother's sister's family." The long list of names I have never heard of has encouraged me to work on my tree, working down from my great great greats (etc.) to the present day. It is hard to believe that a very German name begets my newly entered 5th cousins who have Italian, Chinese or Middle Eastern surnames.

    New people test each month and sometimes that gives the answer. I am still working on getting cousins to test and when they do there are new answers. Someone enters surnames and my search for that surname bears fruit. I build a tree for someone from data they put on a forum somewhere and find our common ancestor.

    Good luck!


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      It may be the lack of interest on the part of unknown cousins in doing genealogy and they have just never tested.

      Or they have tested but they have hit a wall on a family line before you connect and the common surname isn't on their tree. You know that you are a cousin but can't seem to join up in any way.

      And then there are people who have tested and are interested in genealogy that you won't connect with. The line has diminished so that the cousin link in the FF program doesn't match you up. Currently I'm matching up with some cousins that I don't share enough DNA with to get a cousin call, but my brother's FF test is pulling them up.

      But it takes time, and hoping that people keep testing. The broader the base the greater the chance that matches will pop up.