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When does the "match notification" email fire?

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  • When does the "match notification" email fire?

    I just got a match notification email, but the closest recent match is a 3rd-5th. I (and the other Ashkenazi kits I administer) regularly get 3rd-5th, and fairly commonly 2nd-4th, and it usually doesn't send an email notification. What's going on?

    FYI: My mother received a couple of 2nd-4th matches, as well as several 3rd-5th, in the current batch, and I've received no emails on those.

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    Pretty sure, back before they re-worked the Matches Page and had columns both for Relationship Range and Suggested Relationship, that they only fired if Suggested Relationship was 2nd Cousin or closer.

    Now, I was very surprised and baffled to get the e-mail, and not see anyone closer than 2nd-4th. Your comment has me even more baffled. Adding my request to yours for an answer to your question.


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      AH -- see this was addressed / sort of answered (ie, it seems its an oops) - over in the Advanced Section - suggest use that for any additional follow-up: