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Certificate warnings when logging in to myFTDNA

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  • Certificate warnings when logging in to myFTDNA

    I'm not sure where to post this, but here goes. Maybe someone else has observed this, and it's not just me.

    When logging into various accounts for myFTDNA over the last day or so, I keep getting warnings popping up in Opera browser that the security certificate does not match the site. This is a new development. Just now, for example, it was: ", Twitter, Inc." It had an expiration date of June 2014 I think.

    The other times it has been for other companies/entities, but I didn't note them and don't recall which they were now. They were other than Twitter; seems like a different one each time.

    I haven't changed any settings in Opera, or updated it in the last few days, so I wonder what causes this warning.
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    I get something simular if the date and time on my computer is not correct.


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      Thanks. My date and time appears to be accurate.

      I have not had a repeat of this certificate warning since this afternoon, so maybe whatever caused it has been changed.