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6 DNA segments - tight grouping

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  • 6 DNA segments - tight grouping

    My new and closest match by far seems to be a 2nd cousin once removed... 1.57% on 6 segments. All 6 large segments are on 3 chromosomes. (JPEG attached)

    Does anyone know if this tight grouping has any relevance for figuring relationship?
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    The sets of blocks on chromosomes 2 and 4 look both like they were recently part of a larger block, broken up by recombination. That, along with the very large block on chromosome 3, suggests a recent connection. If you match a third party on or near one of these spots, and this third party also matches your cousin, you are looking for a common ancestor through one of your shared lines. In other words, you can ascribe those blocks to the common ancestors you and your known cousin share.

    Beyond that, there seems to be no particular significance to the fact that the blocks are on three consecutive chromosomes (2,3,4).

    A side note -- from having compared your matches to those between myself and a number of cousins, I would have guessed your match and you were about second cousins, i.e. the amount of matching is in line with your status as second cousins once removed. (By the time you get to sets of second cousins once removed, the amount of DNA inherited can differ significantly from case to case.)


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      Thanks for the response, Javelin.

      I only guessed 2nd cousin once removed based on the 1.57% match.

      This second cousin has yet to send a paper trail and none of my even more distant cousins overlap these segments. It's back to waiting and watching. Sooner or later another 2nd or closer cousin will show up.


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        Where do you find the chart you posted? I haven't seen a chart like that on FF.


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          Originally posted by MIMITWOSIX View Post
          Where do you find the chart you posted? I haven't seen a chart like that on FF.
          It's from 23andMe, assembled from two views (graph and table).