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How many suggested third cousins do you have in Family Finder?

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    Only 4 matches at all

    I have only 4 FF matches, all are speculative remote cousins.

    4th Cousin - Remote Cousin - 27,68 10,81
    5th Cousin - Remote Cousin - 31,11 9,81
    5th Cousin - Remote Cousin - 39,44 9,22
    5th Cousin - Remote Cousin - 27,66 7,72

    I am afraid, probably I am the least lucky FF tester ever.


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      Total matches = 133
      Number of predicted third cousins = 0
      Number of predicted fourth cousins = 2

      (the prediected fourth cousins list a relationship range of 3rd to 5th; have exchanged info with both of them; cannot find common ancestor)


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        237 total

        6 suggested third cousins (2nd-4th)

        35 suggested fourth cousins (3rd-5th)

        Nearly all “Distant Cousins” look to be a couple of generations further out than suggested.


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          I currently have 219 total Family Finder matches.

          Twelve of those have "3rd Cousin" listed under "Suggested Relationship."


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            I have 122 FF cousins.


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              Originally posted by aidan View Post
              I have 122 FF cousins.
              Hey aidan-
              Can I ask if any of your 122 FF cousins are suggested as third cousins?


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                Out of my 120 cousins, 5 are predicted 3rd cousins & 23 are predicted 4th cousins. None confirmed. My son has 92 cousins. Three are predicted 3rd cousins, one of them is a 2nd once removed. He has 12 predicted 4th cousins. My nephew has 160 cousins. He has 15 predicted 3rd cousins of which one is a confirmed a 5th cousin(actually once removed). He has 22 predicted 4th cousins - none confirmed.


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                  It looks like on March 9th, 16 new matches were added. So as of then/ now I have 915 supposed matches on FF (out to and including 5th cousin to Remote with no Suggested Relationship). Of these 915 matches, the closest suggested Relationship is 3rd cousin -- of which there are 13.