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How many suggested third cousins do you have in Family Finder?

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    Out of 1,037 matches, I have 15 predicted 3rd cousins. Interestingly, I have more (18) predicted second cousins.


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      Originally posted by Ann Turner View Post
      While it is certainly possible to have a known 3rd cousin sharing just one long segment, I suspect those are outliers. I feel much more comfortable with 3rd cousin predictions based on more than one shared segment over 5 cM in size.
      Of my 3 suggested 3rd cousins, only one has more than one shared segment over 5cM in size. Does is make more sense to try to focus more time on the one suggested 3rd cousin with multiple shared segments over 5 cM in size?


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        I have only one 3rd cousin out of 63 matches.
        And we cannot find the connection due to an NPE in her line.


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          None I have none out of 53 matches..........
          No distant matches only remote....


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            I have 198 matches total including my brother and a 2nd cousin I recruited and paid for. Excluding them, out of 196 matches I have 7 predicted 3rd cousins.

            1 of those is now a confirmed 3rd cousin, and we share 4 segments >5cM. Total shared is 70.47 and longest is 23.46. Interestingly, he doesn't match my brother.

            Of the other 6, 3 are adopted and we've got too little to go on to figure out the connection; 1 has never responded to my emails. The other two we've worked pretty hard but haven't figured it out yet. 1 of them shares segments in common with my 2nd cousin and me, which would seem to narrow down our search, but there are just too many holes in the family trees, I reckon...


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              Averages of 19 examples in this thread (excluding posts where I wasn't sure of total matches):

              3rd cousins: 4.42
              Total Family Finder matches: 148.31
              (Excluding the one example with the (15) 3rd cousins and (1037) Total FF matches -
              3rd cousins: 3.83
              Total Family Finder matches: 98.94)


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                18 predicted 3rd cousins out of nearly 1000 matches. Yay for me, although none of them (any match) has panned out as a documented relative. I wonder if the Ashkenazi algorithm is too optimistic yet.


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                  I only have one predicted third cousin. That person also appears as a predicted third cousin to my niece and brother. Never heard from that person, after sending an email. I think it's her son who manages her account. Will try again.


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                    I have 3 suggested 3rd cousins out of 130 matches

                    My wife has 4 suggested 3rd cousins out of 125 matches

                    My son has 4 suggested 3rd cousins out of 103 matches

                    One of my sisters has 8 suggested 3rd cousins out of 164 matches

                    My other sister has 8 suggested 3rd cousins out of 184 matches


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                      I have 10 predicted thirds of 488 total. One is an actual second cousin once removed, while all the others are not yet worked out but they must all be farther beyond (with one exception, an adoptee).

                      The big difference between the second once removed is the size of the first block (44 cM vs. <25 for all others), and a second block of 14 cm (while most have no second block nearing this size).

                      The other element of note is seven of the ten predicted third cousins share the same block on chromosome 14, pos 37m-60m. Sure, there could be a prolific ancestor, but I wonder if there might be a common large mutation in this area, or, alternatively, there's a highly selected-for area.

                      My guess is of the 10, those seven are much farther, leaving as close the one I know about and the other two as actual close matches. One of those remaining two is a 34/37 yDNA match and is an adoptee, while the other might be as close as a fourth cousin once removed or so.


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                        Zero 3rd cousins of 108.

                        The rest are 4th to distant cousins. Attempts with the highest three matches to find an ancestor in common have not met with success. This, even though my highest match has the same surname as my mother (Williamson). Just coincidence unfortunately - they from Northern Ireland; our line from the Shetland Islands.

                        Based on the surnames (of those who submitted any) it would appear that most of all 108 are identical by state - or from the same population (largely eastern England) that is not going to be helpful genealogically.

                        My known half third cousin once removed is there as a 4th to distant cousin. We share one block that is over 7 cM (same as 23andMe), and one previously unknown block of 3.56 cM which I would normally ignore, but it is in an area triangulated with other cousins via longer segments - so we know its origin.



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                          2 out of 109


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                            Number of Suggested 3rd Cousins

                            I have 2 out of 25 matches (plus 1 suggested 4th cousin)
                            My father has 1 out of 27 matches (plus 1 suggested 4th cousin)
                            My oldest son has 6 out of 78 matches (plus 15 suggested 4th cousins)
                            My daughter has 4 out of 61 matches (plus 9 suggested 4th cousins)


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                              Number of Suggested 3rd Cousins

                              15 3rd cousins of 197 matches


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                                Number of Suggested 3rd Cousins

                                A 5th cousin has
                                24 suggested 3rd cousins out of 249