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GEDCOM pedigree trees don't show maiden name

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  • GEDCOM pedigree trees don't show maiden name

    I'm one of the 23 crowd that recently transfered in.

    I've been fighting with the GEDCOM tree feature and all trees I put up show married sunames for women.
    It doesn't seem to matter whether I import a GEDCOM from MasterGenealogist or from

    Am I just being a doofus? Is there some setting somewhere where I can show my female ancestors by maiden name? The info is in the file?

    Thanks for the advice,


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    Well, I always list daughters under their father and mothers in a genealogy program, then have them married to the husband.
    So when I export them to a Gedcom they arelisted under their maiden/fathers/parents/mothers name.

    If I dont know the maiden name, they have the surname of 'Unknown' etc...

    Is this what you are talking about???


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      Are you positive the maiden name is in the .ged file. Worst case you would need to add a father with a last name for each line that ends with a female.


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        Yes, I do too, but that's not exactly my question. See my answer to the tick.

        I have the whole tree, with all known parents and sibilings, so I have the fathers in many cases.

        My primary entry for a person is listed under birthname after the NAME token:
        1 NAME Hattie Frances /Wood/

        but later I have a secondary reference record, possibly with several alternate NAME tokens, that acts as a pointer back to the primary record.e.g.
        1 NAME Hattie Frances /Brown/
        1 NAME Hattie Frances /Yost/

        This let's you reference the married names.
        I also do this for adopted family members that get a new name after adoption, though in that case, the adopted name is the primary.

        I didn't invent this; this is all the standard way of doing it, so you have one person, but can have alternate names.

        Anyway, I can purge my GEDCOM of alternate names, but it's non-trivial text editing.

        I was just hoping this was something that could be easily corrected.