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  • After seeing I had 3 new ones in my chromosome browser, and then seeing them through the advanced matches like Lincoln suggested, I can now see all three of them in my show all matches section of matching. Wow sorry for such a run on sentence!


    • Nice little batch...

      8 for myself
      9 for my wife
      6 FOR my mother
      7 for my father
      4 for my wifes father
      13 for my wifes mother
      7 for my son
      10 for Cousin D
      11 for Great Aunt


      • Not counting my double cousin, who matched all of us, of course:

        Dad - 0
        Mom - 7
        Me - 3 (2 of them -identical to Mom's)
        Double cousin - 0

        Not a great batch for us!

        Results for the double cousin (sibling of the above who just got hers) - 85


        Dad - 16
        Mom - 193
        Me - 121
        Double cousin 1 - 85
        Double cousin 2 - 86 (23 of those, including family members, in common with her brother)


        • New Matches

          Although I haven't rec'd notice yet from FTDNA of new matches or even close matches.....

          Both of my mothers brothers I can now view. Odd though, or not.....

          The first brother's kit was rec'd 8/7 in batch 529 and first due last week, then changed to the end of this month. Was worried there was a problem with his kit.

          The 2nd brothers kit rec/d a month later on 9/7 and in batch 533 initially due the first part of Nov.

          Both brothers kits appeared today. One a few days late, the other a month early.......


          • My Mum's kit did very well- 31 new matches this week! Disappointingly, however, only 5 have listed the surnames they are researching


            • I see I have 6 new matches on FF. But the total number shown on the Chromosome Browser is up by 7. I finally see how the match list works (somewhat). I didn't notice the advanced function earlier. Access to my FF matches depends on my getting through on my other newer laptop.


              • Just checked my FF matches - 22 new ones!

                Suggested relationship
                3rd to 5th cousin = 1
                4th cousin = 2
                5th to remote = 18
                Distant = 1

                Good to see a lot more people are testing!


                • Are they really new from a batch just completed though? My mother's no. of matches increased by 12, but 2 of them had dates in 2012 and none had today's date. My cousin got a "new" match dated Feb 2, 2013 that my Dad has had ever since Feb 2, 2013. Here's how the numbers changed:

                  Dad - from 16 to 18
                  Mom - from 193 to 205
                  Me - 121 to 125
                  Cousin A - 85 to 89
                  Cousin B - 86 to 92


                  • Mine jumped from 277 to 302. There is obviously something wrong with that. My new matches are normally few and far between. When I sorted my list by newest date, many or most of them were old matches, but given a new date. Hmm...


                    • I have 6 new matches. Went from 74 to 80. Normally only get 1 or 2 at a time, so this is big for me. The dates seem off, so not sure what to think.


                      • I just looked through my own and only 2 names stood out as new. One was the very last match on the very last page, but she has my 8th great-grandparents, Cornelius Anderson and Annetje Opdyke, on her pedigree chart. I get more recognizable matches through that couple than any other of my known ancestors.

                        The other match is a predicted 4th to remote cousin, who has a long list of Swiss ancestors. I have some Swiss ancestors, but they left Switzerland before 1600 and settled in France. If our connection is that far back, we probably won't find it!


                        • Something is definitely munged. I'm Ashkenazi and used to 30-40 new matches per update batch, but this time it's more like 160-250 each. And a random check of "new" names shows a whole bunch of old ones with new match dates.


                          • According to 2 match lists I saved on Oct 23/13

                            My mother
                            Gained 11 5th to Remote
                            lost 4 5th to Remote
                            and had 4 matches change in relationship
                            4th Cousin - Remote Cousin to 3rd Cousin - 5th Cousin
                            3rd Cousin - 5th Cousin to 4th Cousin - Remote Cousin
                            5th Cousin - Remote Cousin to 4th Cousin - Remote Cousin
                            4th Cousin - Remote Cousin to 3rd Cousin - 5th Cousin

                            My Uncle
                            Gained 13 5th to Remote
                            lost 1 5th to Remote
                            and also had 4 matches change in relationship
                            3rd Cousin - 5th Cousin to 2nd Cousin - 4th Cousin
                            3rd Cousin - 5th Cousin to 4th Cousin - Remote Cousin
                            5th Cousin - Remote Cousin to 4th Cousin - Remote Cousin
                            5th Cousin - Remote Cousin to 4th Cousin - Remote Cousin

                            Looks like they may have updated their matching algorithm (implementing build 37 again ??) Never saved the cM totals so I am do not know if they have changed...have to wait and see what is mentioned by FTDNA.


                            • Yes, changes to total cM, mostly up, mostly by very small amounts (<1cM) but some jumps in the 5% range or so, e.g. a ~140cM match is now ~147cM. Still not enough to make much of a difference.

                              I sure wish FTDNA would get in the habit of acknowledging when things are messed up, and provide estimates for a fix. I hope we don't go through a month-long boondoggle like the first Build 37 implementation.


                              • These are not new matches. There is some kind of bug. My one close and immediate relative shows up on three different pages. All my matches from page 1 also all show on page 6. Just to name a few of the problems with whatever the heck is going on.