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  • Admixture Experiments

    I've started using this forum's blog function to write about my experiments using Admixture. So far, I've posted an introduction and the results from my first successful experiment. I'll continue with a tutorial how you can run Admixture experiments of your own, should you so desire.

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    Glad to see the interest. I've dabbled with the admixture and plink tools. There's a new tool that has created some excitement with BGA scientists/amateurs. See


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      I've seen some of the posts about it. The first half doesn't look like a very intuitive visualization, but the PCA it feeds into looks good. Have you tried it out yet?


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        No I have not due to lack of data. True, the visualization of the found haplogroups is a little difficult to absorb, but that is not the intent. The data from those found haplogroups should be very powerful. Vadim and/or David converted some of their data sets to the format needed for the tool. There's a perl script to convert plink data at the website, so it's not hard to do. I have not seen anyone post converted data yet, but I have not asked either.

        See for Vadim's write up. Also note David is switching to this new tool for his new Eurogenes v2 project.
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