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New DIYDodecad Calculator (with Native American samples)

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  • New DIYDodecad Calculator (with Native American samples)

    This seems to be a recurring topic on this forum, so the new 'world9' calculator Dienekes released for his DIYDodecad program should make some people happy. By popular demand, he made a worldwide calculator, which for the first time includes Australasian and Native American reference populations. Here are the results for my parents and me:
    			  Mom	  Me	  Dad
    Amerindian		 0.51	 0.57	 0.82
    East Asian		 0.00	 0.03	 0.02
    African			 0.00	 0.00	 0.23
    Atlantic-Baltic		73.50	71.64	70.56
    Australasian		 0.00	 0.00	 0.01
    Siberian		 0.66	 1.65	 1.89
    Caucasus-Gedrosia	14.19	15.02	15.98
    Southern		10.25	 9.70	 9.54
    South Asian		 0.88	 1.40	 0.97
    Based on previous BGA analysis, I wasn't expecting any newly discovered Native American genetic ancestry, but it's interesting nonetheless. My dad for sure has no Native American ancestors, but his percentage is higher than my mom and me. We're Y-DNA haplogroup N, which is highest in the tribes of northern Siberia. Some of that must be bleeding over into the Amerindian component. According to a paper trail, I actually do have a Native American 8th great grandmother on my mom's side. But I haven't verified all the research, nor seen any of the original documents beyond my 5th great grandfather on that line. In any case, we obviously didn't inherit any detectable DNA from her.

    As a note of caution, it's worth looking at which populations the Amerindian component peaks in. (The "Athabask" samples are also known as "Na-Dene" in some BGA analyses. One is separate from the rest, as it's clearly an outlier.)
    [B]Population	 n	  %	Source[/B]
    Karitiana	 4	100.0	Brazil
    Surui		 3	100.0	Brazil
    Colombians	 4	 97.2	Colombia
    Pima		 6	 97.0	Mexico
    Maya		16	 90.6	Mexico
    PEL30		25	 79.2	Peru
    Athabask	14	 63.9	Alaska
    Ecuadorian	19	 51.7	Ecuador
    MEX30		28	 43.7	Los Angeles
    EastGreenland	 7	 37.0	Greenland
    Colombian	26	 33.4	Colombia
    AthabaskHD4	 1	 28.6	Alaska
    WestGreenland	 8	 28.3	Greenland
    CLM30		26	 25.9	Colombia
    [COLOR="Blue"]Chukchi		13	 22.1	Siberia[/COLOR]
    Puerto_Rican	26	 14.7	Puerto Rico
    PUR30		29	 13.1	Puerto Rico
    Aleut		 7	 11.8	Alaska
    [COLOR="Blue"]Koryak		 5	 11.4	Siberia[/COLOR]
    Dominican	23	  8.3	Dominican Republic
    [COLOR="Blue"]Ket		 2	  6.4	Siberia[/COLOR]
    Brazilian_D	 6	  6.0	Brazil
    [COLOR="Blue"]Selkup		 9	  5.0	Siberia
    Yukagir		 5	  2.8	Siberia
    Altai		11	  2.3	Siberia[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Red"]Tajiks_Y	15	  2.0	Tajikistan[/COLOR]
    Some of the Siberian samples have a significant percentage of the Amerindian component--as high as 22% in Chukchis! And the last population on that list is from Central Asia. Tajiks definitely have no Native American ancestry, although some Russian admixture might appear as such to the software.

    In other words, even if you had 5% of the Amerindian component, it still wouldn't necessarily signify any Native American ancestry. It might be more than just noise, but only a corresponding paper trail would lend support to that interpretation. If you have 2% or less of the Amerindian component, there's no genetic evidence of any Native American ancestry.

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    Thanks for sharing Nathan!!!